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SHELL Class - Drug & Alcohol Abuse

These classes are an offshoot from our Life Skills program and they are for teen aged boys and girls age 13-17. S.H.E.L.L. stands for Safe, Healthy, Ethical and Lifelong sustaining behaviors in the community.These classes are free and open to the public

This class will discuss the facts about drugs and alcohol and their effects on the developing adolescent brain and body. We explain adolescent brain development in a way that is easy to understand and fascinating! We talk about what addictions are and how they are formed. We give teens ways to refuse drugs and alcohol. We also discuss the dangers of underage drinking and what "drinking responsibly" as an adult TRULY means.

We give them the FACTS about marijuana, emerging drugs ( such as molly, bath salts, etc.), heroin, prescription drugs and others. This is a very informative, comprehensive class which utilizes videos, handouts and role playing.

If you have any questions contact Lori VanHorn 382-8182 or

Category: Teen Workshops

Audience: Teens (and parents)

Admission: Free

Additional Info:
Pre-registration required

Event Time:
Nov 15, 20176:30pm-8:30pm

Event Location:
J & D Court Building
301 Albemarle Drive
Chesapeake VA, 23322

Host Organization:
Chesapeake Community Programs (non-profit)
301 Albemarle Drive
Chesapeake VA, 23322

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